Function base64_to_binary


#include "breeze/encoding/base64_to_binary.hpp"

template <typename InputIter, typename OutputIter>
void base64_to_binary(InputIter begin, InputIter end, OutputIter out)


Decodes a Base64 representation.

This function conforms to RFC 3548 with one exception: it allows newlines to appear anywhere in the input.

A std::runtime_error on any invalid input character; this does not throw std::logic_error because, for input iterators, it's not possible for the user to check the input before passing it to us.

begin - Iterator to the first element of the input (i.e. Base64) sequence.

end - One-past-the-end iterator in the input sequence.

out - Iterator to the first element of the output sequence (binary).


Line 46 in breeze/encoding/base64_to_binary.hpp.